Thriving After Loss | What Does that Look Like?

When deciding to start a blog, I pondered the question, "What should I title it?"  I wanted to spend time researching, polling friends, doing that "analytical" thing I do.  I wanted to come up with a catchy and creative name that would get your attention and yet convey my message.  

The problem was that the word "THRIVING" just wouldn't go away.  It wouldn't leave my thoughts; as much as I tried other options "THRIVING" stuck to me like glue. And so...that's what I went with: KendraThriving. 

Now I ask myself, "What does thriving after the loss mean to me?" This is how I define it:

  1. Awareness: Awareness of my true-self. Somewhere along this journey, I found a connection to something so deep within me I didn't realize it existed. Some call it a "soul," some call it a "guiding light," others might call it an "inner being." I call it my "true-self." I've become aware of a fire and passion within me that if I listen closely, intently, will guide my every step.

  2. Grace: Grace for when you can't keep going or push through. Sometimes we hold ourselves to such high standards and then beat ourselves up when we have non-functioning/non-productive moments, days, weeks, maybe even months or years. Give yourself a little grace and take what you need when you need it, without guilt or shame. Say it with a sense of ownership: "I'm going to es myself to breakdown and fall apart right now because I need to and that's ok."

  3. Gratitude: To be grateful after loss. Man, this is hard but so important. Reminding myself that my life is a blessing has been the hardest thing I've had to do since Adeline passed away. I am overwhelmingly thankful for knowing her and yet it hurts like hell that she can't be here with me. I consider myself a happy, optimistic person who tends to see the positive in every situation. Finding the positive in this situation was the most challenging thing I've ever faced. I've had to instill a daily gratefulness practice in my life to keep my focus on what is good in my life.

  4. Resiliency: To flourish in the face of overwhelming grief requires tremendous resiliency. When the pain knocks me down, I do my best to accept it in the moment. I allow the pain to reside because I know when I come out on the other side, I will have learned a little more. When suffering ensues, I have an opportunity to get closer to Adeline and to my true-self. When the moment, week, or month finally passes, I tend to feel refreshed, renewed, connected and, ultimately, at peace.

  5. Acceptance: Accept that your loss will always hurt. There will not be a day when the pain is gone. My life will forever be different. I will always miss my little girl. I will always wonder what she would have looked like at each stage of her life. I will always wish I could see her take her first steps, attend her first day of kindergarten, graduate from college, get married, have children; however, I now accept that I will always miss her and that it will always hurt...forever. This is my story, whether I like it or not, and I have to, need to accept it.

Here's the amazing thing about words and grief.  You can define it however it works best for you.  This is how I define THRIVING. How do you?  Tell us how you define THRIVING in the comments below.

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