Consider New Angles

Life is full of lessons, even in the most unexpected of places. 

I've always admired people who can capture a moment in a photograph, so I decided to learn a little more about photography.  A few weeks ago, Josh and I signed up for our first photography class.  We went into the class hoping to learn how to take better pictures; I left with a reminder that life isn't always just as you see it. 

As we sat around a table with the other students, our instructor gave us our first "assignment."  She told us to go out and take photos from new angles. She challenged us to see our world from a different perspective: to look directly down at our subject, to get on our knees, to lay on the ground, to tilt our cameras in unusual ways. 

So off we went to capture the world from new angles. 

Seems simple, right?

With camera in hand, I considered these new vantage points.  I stood on chairs; I lay on the ground; I stretched my body to get the perfect shot. It wasn't always comfortable, and I stumbled quite a bit, but in the end I saw everyday items, like common run-of-the-mill directional signage, with fresh eyes.   

Surprisingly, I began to see not a common sign but art. It's bit ironic that this photo says "one way" because what I'm attempting to convey here is that there are a thousand different ways to see the world around us.  A thousand different vantage points...  

We spend so much of our lives looking at the world through one fixed vantage point, our own.   What might happen if we consider the vantage point of others? What if we get a little uncomfortable and step into new perspectives for a moment?

After Adeline's death, I could only see a world full of hurt and pain, a dark world with no way out. 

As I stumbled through this new dark and painful world, a window cracked open.  

That window came from reading books, visiting websites, watching movies about those who've walked this path before me. I became inspired by their stories and started to see the color return to my world. If I never considered other people's perspective, I might still be in the dark feeling as if there was no way out.  

What challenges are you facing today? What if you turned them upside down or flipped them around?  What if you asked someone else what they think of your situation and truly listened to their feedback? Would that change your perspective enough to see new possibilities?

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