The Sweetness of Laughter After Loss

There is no sweeter sound than joyful laughter.  

It has the power to uplift your soul and to lighten a world where everything can often seem so heavy. 

Carrying the loss of a child with you through the rest of your life can obviously be a heavy and daunting task. Life seems so serious now because I've seen the true reality of life, that someday it will end. 

The gift of laughter eases the weight of life.   

When Adeline was stillborn, our entire family came in from all over the country. They comically (clown-car-style) packed themselves into our little home.  They sat on an ottoman, on the floor, on the fireplace hearth, wherever they could find space. Twelve adults, five kids stumbled over each other, not knowing what to say because, honestly, no one was prepared to talk about what had just happened.  

And so they did as humans do. They embraced each other's company. 

I could feel their love from the other room where I lay in my bed. 

I needed rest and to disappear so, for the most part, I stayed in my room. As tears rolled down my cheek, I could hear the boisterous sound of laughter from the other room and, surprisingly, a smile emerged.

This was real life. The good, the bad, the hurt, and, oh, the love.   

The LOVE. 

I was comforted, in one of my darkest hours, by their laughter.

Happy sounds during difficult times remind us that there is always hope. Things may never be the same and the hurt may always reside, but LOVE will remain. 

Follow the sounds of laughter for it will show you the way to love. 

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