Creating a Life You Love After Loss

Hello Friends, 

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written to you, and I have so much to share. The holidays were filled with hugs, smiles, laughs and so much love it's unreal.  It was also a time to reflect on 2016. In the past couple of weeks, I've spent some time reading through my journal and reflecting on all I’ve accomplished this year.  

I didn’t set out at the beginning of the year with grand goals.  I purposefully created simple goals focused on finding and reconnecting with a self I’d lost in 2015.  2016 was a time of exploration. This allowance for my desires and passions to guide me throughout the year led to the start of this blog just eight short months ago.  It’s been a beautiful, and terrifying, expereince, yet I’m still here, sharing with and learning from you, and for that I’m am so proud and grateful.  

I’m proud because sometimes the things we want the most scare the hell out of us.  We allow our fears to dictate our choices and hold us back from our dreams.  I am living proof that if you can take that one step past, over, through or around your fears and attempt to discover what’s on the other side you might just find joy in places you never thought were possible. 

Are your fears holding you back?

Is there something calling to you but fear holds you back?

As we sit on the verge of a new year, ask yourself, “What’s one thing I can do this year to move past, through, over or around my fear?”  One small simple step can be a tipping point to a whole new way of life. 

This one small step of starting a blog and tapping into my creative side has done just that for me. 

As I sit her today, on last day of 2016, at the beautiful Hotel Emma in San Antonio, Texas, tears fill my eyes because I find so much joy in writing for a purpose.

That purpose is you.  

You are such a big part of my purpose.  

You bring a new level of joy into this expereince of writing.

I could simply write for myself; in fact, I’ve done that for years via my journal. Starting a blog, writing with the intent of sharing, is different than anything I’ve ever experienced. Sure it’s scary, intimidating, and sometimes overwhelming, but the joy I expereince when sharing overshadows all of my fears.  The fears still reside deep within me, but the joy in my heart has held at bay the fears in my head. 

This blog has proved to me that we can overcome our fears and find joy on the other side.  Even if it’s not exactly what I wanted, expected or hoped. It’s bringing me joy and that’s ultimately all that matters.  I hope it brings you a little joy too. 

With a full and grateful heart, I say, “Thank you.”  

Thank you for reading, supporting, encouraging, and sharing.

As I shape the direction of this blog 2017 I'm using the lessons I've learned in the past few years. Life is precious and we should do whatever we can not to waste a single moment. So I'll be focusing the next year on overcoming fears and embracing as much joy as possible. 

I hope you'll stick around a while longer so we can discover how to create a life we love. I'm riding this journey with you. Let's experiment together and find a life that's uniquely yours, because you are the only you this world will ever know.  No one is like you and the world deserves to know who you are.  

Wishing you a joyful and adventurous 2017.

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