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Remembering Dad | Thank You

Like many others, I spent yesterday (Father's Day) celebrating my husband. It was a beautiful and yet difficult day. 

We've found so much peace when we embrace nature, so Josh wanted to spend the day exploring. We booked a day trip to a couple scenic spots nearby.  As we listened to the sounds of nature, I couldn't help but think of my dad. As those thoughts arose, I suppressed them. Not wanting to remember.  

My dad passed away a year ago today. 

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Thriving After Loss | What Does that Look Like?

When deciding to start a blog, I pondered the question, "What should I title it?"  I wanted to spend time researching, polling friends, doing that "analytical" thing I do.  I wanted to come up with a catchy and creative name that would get your attention and yet convey my message.  

The problem was that the word "THRIVING" just wouldn't go away.  It wouldn't leave my thoughts; as much as I tried other options "THRIVING" stuck to me like glue. And so...that's what I went with: KendraThriving. 

Now I ask myself, "What does thriving after the loss mean to me?" This is how I define it:

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