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Celebrating the Past After Loss

It's that time of year—a time for reflection and celebration. 

Yesterday was the 4th of July—a time when our nation reflects and celebrates our past. 

It's also time for self-evaluations at my office—a time for reflection on professional accomplishments. 

These moments, these days of reflection and celebration, can be so complicated, especially if you don't want to think about or remember the past. For some, the thought of looking back is scary as hell because opening a window to the past can create an avalanche of emotions. 

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Thriving After Loss | What Does that Look Like?

When deciding to start a blog, I pondered the question, "What should I title it?"  I wanted to spend time researching, polling friends, doing that "analytical" thing I do.  I wanted to come up with a catchy and creative name that would get your attention and yet convey my message.  

The problem was that the word "THRIVING" just wouldn't go away.  It wouldn't leave my thoughts; as much as I tried other options "THRIVING" stuck to me like glue. And so...that's what I went with: KendraThriving. 

Now I ask myself, "What does thriving after the loss mean to me?" This is how I define it:

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