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Offering you a warm beverage and the enrichment that comes with sharing our stories. We all turn to different people, places and things to cope with life and discover new paths.

These are some of my favorite resources.  I hope they may be helpful to you also. 

Full Disclosure Here: Some of the products links below are referral links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you make a purchase. Regardless, I only recommend services and products I use personally and believe will add value to my readers.


What's on my bedside table right now?

Current inspiration...creating spaces that bring me joy. From day one, my husband and I have always talked about wanting to live in a “cozy” space. After the loss of Adeline, I craved simplification, so I began moving towards a minimalist mindset. We bought a home in 2017 and this book has been my muse!

Indefinitely on my Bookshelf 


Things that bring me comfort

While I’m not a huge advocate for stuff, I do believe in making purchases that bring you value and joy. Especially during times of grief when you need a little extra comfort.



My personal journal have been my salvation through much of my life. My husband found these beautiful handmade journals by Galison and I have fallen in love with them.  For those of you who love to write or take notes in pretty things these are awesome!! 


I've spent so much time on my yoga mat since Adeline was stillborn. It’s not easy to get back into a workout routine after loss. I decided a gentle re-introduction through yoga would be best for me.



I wasn’t a user of essential oils before Adeline was stillborn. After losing her I found something so soothing and calming about using oils in the diffuser. it’s still a nighttime ritual for me, even all these years later.  They were a beautiful addition to my healing routine.  



Bedtime is sometimes the hardest...all the distractions of the day are gone.  It's quiet and now you can think.  But you don't want too because it hurts. During those initial months after Adeline passed, I started using the lavender from my introductory kit (see above) in the diffuser before bed at night.  It helped me relax into the transition to sleep and filled my heart with comfort.

And I now have one in the office too (in fact it's on right now)!   



We are a family obsessed with candles! There's nothing like the soft glow of candlelight to easy an anxious mind. When the sun goes down and the silence creeps in they remind us that we're not alone.  Oh and this one is made from used wine bottles....we loved the recycled option!