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The Loss Talks

Life after loss can feel overwhelming, chaotic and sometimes hopeless. It’s hard to imagine a world where the pain doesn’t consume your every thought.

You may wonder if you’ll ever feel joy again. I totally understand the feeling and wrote about it in this post: Dear Adeline | Learning to Live With You. I can tell you this, not only will you rebuild your life and find joy again, but along this journey you may discover your true-self and live your best life yet.

I offer two inspirational talks to help others discover their own path towards thriving after loss. If these topics don’t resonate with your audience, send me a note and let’s chat.

Experience #1: Learning to Thrive After Loss

Experiencing a loss changes everything. The path to living a joyful life again seems unclear and unattainable. I know because I’ve been there. After the stillbirth of my daughter and subsequent loss of my dad, I had to find some way to make sense of my healing journey.

My natural instinct was writing and from that I’ve discovered a path that helped me Thrive After Loss.

Key Takeaways:

  • Reconnect with your true-self

  • Honor where you are now

  • Understand you always have a choice

  • Find your unique path

Experience #2: Visioning Your Future after loss

We had our futures all mapped out. We knew what we wanted and we were on track to get there.

Until the unthinkable happened.

Everything changed and now it hurts to even think about our future. A future so different from what we thought it would be. All we know right now is the pain and can’t imagine a future where happiness reigns and the pain subsides.

Let me show you a graceful path towards finding joy again. I know living a joyful life sounds unreachable right now and that’s ok.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover what matters most to you now that your life has changed

  • Dream big and visualize what could be

  • Taking consciously-aligned actions and go with ease


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